First blog post About I feel it best if I work backwards as there is 2 and a half years of pure evil treatment by all including members of the UK Parliament that have all played part in the ongoing covering up of the murder of my son Ambrose Garfield Gene Ball, DOB: 2nd March 1984 who was murdered 24th January 2015.

A body was removed from Tottenham Marshes River Lea on 22nd April 2015 that was described to us to be not a complete body, that fingerprints will not be a way to formally identify the body that was shown to us.

This is how the leading investigator Stewart Hill from the ” HARINGEY HOMICIDE AND SERIOUS CRIME UNIT” described the body to us.

The way I have been left that being left in a situation that a body still remains in Haringey morgue as I speck because the body that was shown to us, us being my twin sister and my brother-in-law, that was described as you hear in the recording that showed not a single sign that the body had even gone through all the attacks that have been left right out of everything that the MPS Haringey, IPCC, CPS, NEWS APPEALS and the BBC documentry “This is Tottenham” that was aired in December 2015 before my sons Inquest started in January 2016. The documentry that the SENIOR Coroner Andrew Walker, of Haringey Coroners court had based his whole Inquest on and in turn totally ignored all, everything that we have in the way of our evidence that we had been led to believe by the Coroner that once we have put all we have in order for him to take as our evidence that all we have will be heard when the Inquest started.

This ended up not being the case. Every time we went to show that what was said by the leading investigators, Walker’s reply was always the same. “That is not for this court to hear and is for another court to hear when you go for misconduct”.

Not a single email along with recordings that we had sent to Andrew Walker, before, during and after the Inquest was never taken on board. The only email Walker had responded to was when I sent a email asking why and what was Theresa Villiers my MP and he talking about because before the Inquest had started my MP and Walker had a private talk and 5 mins after the Inquest had started my MP had left the court. I have not seen, heard or spoken to my MP Theresa Villiers since that day, no an email, a letter in the post or even a curtacey/follow up call to see what/if her help is still needed. Not a single word.

The answer to that email, Walker had said right out in the Inquest, “I can have a chat with who I like and that is of no concern of your’s” .

There is so so so much more that I can only try my utmost to not make this as less confusing as i can for those who read my story and I am open to answer all questions to anyone that needs to be made clearer on how my sons murder has been covered up and this I give my word! 1984 CT Scan1983 CT SCAN REPORT

How can this be totally ignored?

The report that that has my sons DOB totally wrong is the report that the leading investigator Mr Hill from the ” HARINGEY HOMICIDE AND SERIOUS CRIME UNIT” had not once but twice put that report in as part of their bundle that was their evidence at the Inquest.

This is after the courts aid had amended this report as you hear in this phone conversation  but still Mr Hill put the same report as part of their evidence that the SNR Coroner just simply brushed off as if this has no bearing on the murder and what I know to be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, THAT MY SONS MURDER IS BEING COVERED UP.


Author: justice1964

My name is Toni, the mother of the handsome young man you see in the profile pic, Ambrose Garfield Gene Ball. This is my first born, my life, my best friend, the first feel of what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE really felt like. My sole mate! I know my son was MURDERED and those in the UK Government are covering up THE TRUTH with the full help of the BBC to help protect the MPS Colindale and Enfield police stations who are fully responsible for what has been the worse 3 years of my life that still remains the same as when I was left on the Saturday morning 24/1/2015 approx 8;30am after calling the met to help me look for my son. Never ever to see one single uniform in the first most important 48/72 hrs of anyone going missing in what I had told the MPS. Since that day to this I have have been through hell, but I will never ever stop until my son gets his last HUMAN RIGHTS AND JUSTICE that he so so deserves. .


  1. Good work posting this important information!
    I will try retweeting it daily and encourage visitors to learn about this!
    Hope you can link with other complaints of injustice to bring unified front against UK government!
    Wish you and your family well!
    Truly your friend,

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